German goulash

Discover mouthwatering German goulash recipes that will warm your soul. Try these hearty dishes and experience the rich flavors of traditional German cuisine.

Wholesome ingredients and melt-in-your-mouth tender chunks of meat makes eating German goulash is an intense experience of awesome proportions.

Kathy Hubler-Odle
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This savory braised beef stew is made with lots of onions, caraway seed, paprika and beef stock. It only takes 30 minutes of hands on prep and a few hours of braising. Serve this hearty, rich German Goulash over egg noodles, mashed or steamed potatoes for a delicious family dinner.

Ann Phipps
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This Authentic German Goulash Soup recipe is so stinking good! It's comforting and has complex flavors that balance out one another, like sweet, savory, sour, and subtle optional spices. Warm and meaty, it's perfect for the chilly months.

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