Geomagnetic storm

Learn about geomagnetic storms and how they can impact our planet. Discover tips for preparing and protecting yourself during these natural phenomena.
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Planet Earth is surrounded by a system of magnetic fields known as the magnetosphere. This vast, comet-shaped system deflects charged particles coming from the sun, shielding our planet from harmful particle radiation and preventing solar wind (i.e., a stream of charged particles released from the sun's upper atmosphere) from eroding the atmosphere.

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✅GEOMAGNETIC STORM led to the destruction of the 40 Starlink satellites. ✅When CMEs strike the Earth, they cause geomagnetic storms that disrupt the Earth's magnetic field. ✅They are caused by the release of magnetic energy associated with sunspots. ✅The most famous geomagnetic storm of all time was the Carrington Storm of 1859. ✅The Starlink programme is a satellite communication system manufactured by SpaceX

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A Red-level magnetic storm is sweeping across the Earth, and many people may begin to feel a decline in well-being by the second half of today. The unsettled magnetosphere will persist for the next few days, according to Meteoagent. Mmagnetic storms can lead to discomfort and change in well-being. Solar flares and explosions on the Sun release a si...

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