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Immerse yourself in the mesmerizing world of generative art and discover how artists use algorithms to create unique and beautiful masterpieces. Find inspiration and unleash your creativity with our top ideas and techniques.
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Hi, I am part of the Acrylicode team and I want to share with you the tool I created for everyone to start creating generative art.The tool can be found here: you go there you should see this.Now you should be able to draw with your mouse by moving it while pressing inside the drawing area. Start with a simple shape (with very complex shapes the experience may be a little slow). Something like this:After you draw the shape you see that…

Thomas Davies
New Data Shows Why Van Gogh Changed His Color Palette — Artnome Dessert, Graphic Design, Design, Digital Art, Generative Design, Graphic Design Illustration, Graphic Design Inspiration, Artist, Artwork

When most people think of Van Gogh, the first color that comes to mind is a warm, radiant, golden yellow. Yellow sunflowers, yellow fields of grain, even the yellow moon in Starry Night . But Van Gogh’s paintings did not start out that way. As late as 1885, roughly halfway through the short decad

Nasrin Shahi
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I recently passed the five year anniversary of when I started making generative art. This was also approximately when I decided to get “serious” about making art. It’s hard to take an exact count, but I think I’ve made 600+ generative works at this point. I think I’ve done okay for myself.

Drew MacEachern

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