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Express your love for all things geek with our collection of unique and stylish geek jewelry. Find the perfect piece to showcase your passion and add a touch of geek chic to your wardrobe.
20+ Science-Inspired Jewelry Pieces By Somersault18:24 | Bored Panda  Inventive ♥️ Metallica, Piercing, Medical Jewelry, Chemistry Jewelry, Molecule Necklace, Science Jewelry, Geek Stuff, Geek Jewelry, Jewelry Inspo

We have already seen botanical jewelry, animal jewelry, and even book-inspired jewelry. If, however, you spend your days looking through a microscope and your nights are dedicated to gazing through a telescope, then Luk Cox and Idoya Lahortiga have accessories for your arms and necks.

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Weekends were made for online shopping, right? So here, allow me to help: These comic book cuff links Kendra B. found are sure to add a little "POW!" to your wardrobe. They're available at RedEnvelope for $89.95, but you could easily DIY for less. You just need some old comic books, epoxy resin, and jewelry shells (or bottle caps, if you want to go *really* cheap). Hellooo, awesome necklaces! I will never tire of drooling over polymer clay jewelry. NEVER. Sub'd by Linz H. and made by Jessica…

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