Gauges size chart

Easily determine the size of gauges for your piercings with our comprehensive size chart. Get the perfect fit and explore a wide range of stylish gauges for your unique style.
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In order to become a wire wrapping wizard, you need to have the right supplies. While some may think that wire is the only ingredient to creating this jewelry recipe, there are multiple other wire wrapping tools needed. Just like there are a variety of fruits and veggies, there are different shapes and sizes of wire. From thick to thin, from circular to square, the list of options goes on. It can be a puzzling and stressful experience when shopping for just the right wire jewelry making…

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Actual Ear Gauge Rhinestone Size Chart | NeedleLovers: TO GAUGE.....or NOT to GAUGE ?!?!??! Ear Pointing, Ear Gauge Sizes, Gauges Size Chart, Ear Peircings, Ear Gauge, Geode Jewelry, Stretched Lobes, Half Moon Earrings, March Birthstone Jewelry

What is GAUGING ?!?!?!? (Ear) gauging originated in Asia and was later practiced in Africa and South American tribes for centuries. Many people refer to the process using the term "gauging", although the technically correct term for the act is "stretching". but basically gauging is the stretching of a pierced hole. Now YES., ALL piercings have a gauge from what they normally pierce with (which is a 16g or 14g) and up...gauging stretches the ear (NO CUT OUT) slowly to accomodate larger…

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Sup. Ok, so a few things people do. It's disgusting. So, stop. 1. Those things people put in their earring holes, or wherever else. Gauges? Make me vomit. I can handle if it's part of your emo/punk/alternative style.. whatever.. and if they're like the size of a penny or smaller (and if your tribe does it in Zimbabwe). Like this.. But anything bigger than that. No thank you. My mom and I were at the mall once, and the guy at the cash register had gauges in his ears. Like, the size of…

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