Funny trivia questions

Challenge yourself with these funny trivia questions that will make you laugh while testing your knowledge. Find out how well you know random facts and have a great time with friends and family!
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Have you ever marveled at the wonders of human common sense? It's the extraordinary ability we possess to make sense of the world around us, relying on logic, intuition, and practicality. In this blog post,

Beatriz Pires
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Easy trivia is the best trivia... Period. Why? You get to look like a genius without really having to put in the effort. Sure, Google and the ubiquity of smartphones have taken a lot of the magic out of your neighborhood Cliff Clavens, but that doesn't mean that pulling a quote out of your noggin without reaching for your pocket is without merit. Really, who had better ice breaker questions than the resident postal carrier? But since obscure trivia is so easy to answer these days, picking…

Callie Johns

Even though you might not benefit from this game of useless trivia, you'll surely have a great time answering these trivia questions. These questions are just as interesting as any other questions in a game of trivia -- even if you don't gain any useful information from them! And anyway, who said trivia is only for useful information? You never know when these useless trivia questions might come to use, for example; when you've run out of things to talk about! Once you've looked over these…

Amanda Brand