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Artist Brings Food To Life By Drawing Fun Comics

When we were little, some of our parents used to tell us not to play with our food, and we had to obey. Brooke Karras, who is the creator behind "Breakfast Club Comics," found another way to play with food by creating comics where the characters (or should I say carroters?) are various vegetables, fruits, and other delicious goods. The artist brilliantly weaves in funny jokes and puns into their imaginary situations, and the narratives are so smooth that you'll eat these comics right up.

Maham Hasan
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Here's a little treat of great comics for your day. These comics will probably make you surprised at how good they actually are. They have everything that a great comic needs, and even extra: great sense of humor and style, killer punchlines and a dash of consistency. This whole mixture is almost guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

Abigail Caiado
Funny Comics By Work Chronicles People Who’ve Ever Worked In An Office Will Relate To (New Pics) Distance, Funny Jokes, Instagram, People, Challenges, Jokes, Humour, Funny Quotes, Funny Incidents

Working in an office does not only mean stability and routine but also stress, burnouts and challenges that one has to overcome. So it is not only good but also recommended to distance oneself from all the difficulties at work once in a while by looking at things from the prism of laughter. And we think we can help you with that!

Andreas Keller