Front yard black fence

Enhance the curb appeal of your home with stylish black fence ideas for your front yard. Discover top designs that will add a touch of elegance and privacy to your outdoor space.
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I feel like I won.....not money but the paint lottery. After all of the agonizing over choosing a color for the body of my house....I am in love with BM China White. So in marry and have children....commit for a lifetime in love. Do not hesitate to ever use this perfectly creamy.... chalky.....white. I could show you pictures of homes painted this color but it just does not look the same. Because I researched it and even painted a swatch.....but I didn't know how truly perfect…

Patricia Eachus
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As part of our landscape remodel, we were faced with a challenge: what to do with the weather-stained fence which spanned our entire back yard. The Before Replacing it was a non-starter unfortunately, so we opted to straighten it, mend it in a few places, and paint or stain. We’ll have a large hedge in front of it eventually, once our plants fill in. For the paint, we wanted something not too thick, not too black, not too blue, not too brown… the perfect charcoal grey that wouldn’t smother…

Erin Zangari
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If ho-hum was a fence it would be a plain old chain-link one. Am I right? Especially now, we have SO many options that settling for a basic chain-link shouldn’t even be an option (other than price)! When we decided to install a new fence on our property, I knew I wanted a high-quality product... View Post

Heather Cosley