Fresh cranberry sauce

Make your own fresh cranberry sauce with this delicious homemade recipe. Enhance your holiday meals with the perfect balance of sweetness and tartness.
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Learning how to make homemade cranberry sauce recipe from scratch is easy! Our cranberries are made with orange juice and orange zest to elevate it to a gourmet cranberry sauce or even a yummy cranberry dip or cranberry salsa!The longer you cook this down, the more it will become like cranberry jelly.*Scroll up in the post if you want to know how to make homemade cranberry sauce with dried cranberries.

Susan Hinson
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Cranberries remind me of fall. The tart little berries make me think of a beautiful autumn afternoon surrounded by falling leaves of orange, red, and yellow. So, when I am deciding on Thanksgiving dinner side dishes during holiday meal planning time, I always include some kind of cranberry dish. In the past, my mother and

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