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"What colour of panties are you wearing?" "Excuse me?" She countered "I won't repeat the question again" "Red. They're red" she swallowed "Reach below your gown. Pull it. And hand it over to me" "Why would you want it? It's just a piece of material" she faltered. "They're yours. I want it simply because they're yours. You're aroused. So they're wet. They're going to be soaked with your juices. The very essence of you. I'm going to sniff it, lick it, all the while imagining that it's you…

jose miguel
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R-18| Mature Content Inside| Not suited for readers below 18| Read at your own expense| I took her innocence,I paid her. She's nothing but a cheap whore in a bar. Siya man ang lalaking nakauna dito ay wala parin itong ipinagkaiba sa mga babaeng mabababa ang uri. But why does her innocent tantalizing eyes, her scent, her soft skin, her curvaceous body, her hotness from within haunt him over the years. She's the only woman who can satisfy his needs. She became his obsession. "She's nothing to…


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