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Dog shedding can be a nuisance for many pet owners, and some breeds are known to shed less than others. If you’re looking for a dog that won’t leave hair all over your furniture and clothes, consider one of the top 10 dog breeds that don’t shed. These breeds range from small lap dogs to […]

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As our dogs age, their bodies change and their needs will start to differ. While they’ll always be our baby puppies, our senior dogs are going to have some special needs. They become more sensitive physically and mentally, their bodies and minds start to change, and they will need some extra help living out their golden years in happiness and health. If you’re wondering how you can make life better for your aging pup, consider these tips. #1 – ... Read more

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35 of the Least Active Dog Breeds for the Laid Back Dog Owner. Most of these dogs would love nothing but to nap the day away on your couch. Friendly, easy going and low maintenance companions these dogs come in every size and shape.

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