Framed postcards

Transform your space with beautifully framed postcards. Discover unique ways to showcase your favorite postcards and add a touch of personality to your home decor.
love it!! I've been collecting vintage postcards for over ten years! I love how they framed them. Mine are just in cheap IKEA frames Vintage Postcard Display, Postcard Wall, Postcard Design, Framed Postcards, Antique Postcard, Old Postcards, Photo Postcards, Vintage Posters, Display Cards

I have to admit to being somewhat of a sucker for the color of Jadeite. It must have something to do with Martha Stewart. I collected it for a while in the 90's but found I enjoyed the color more when I use it as an accent color in fabric and knobs etc. as opposed to having too much. This is a nice little bathroom with a large shower and wonderful vintage inspired toilet and pedestal sick from Waterworks. The fixtures are brushed nickel from Rohl. I like the simplicity of the mirror but it…

Kelly Stafford
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Postcards are one of the best ways to remember experiences, and they’re not just good for sending. Some are so chic that they deserve to double as decor and not for just lining your junk drawer either. If your postcard displays are usually nothing more than magnets on refrigerators or messy piles on your desk, you’re probably in need of some fresh design inspiration.

Grayson Russell Bodel