Explore the fascinating world of foxes with stunning photos and interesting facts. Discover the beauty and intelligence of these captivating creatures.
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I don't usually write stories to go along with my pictures but in this case the story is worth telling. Every winter in March for the past 30 years myself and three of my friends spend 4 or 5 days fishing and winter camping in Lake Superior Provincial Park. These days my friends fish and I look for photo opportunities. Last week was our annual trip. Temperatures were below normal for this time of year being below minus 20 C every night with a strong north wind every day. On the second day I…

Soco Guerrero
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Here's a story about Woody the fox, and Yaroslav, his loving owner. Woody almost ended up on someone's collar: he was raised on a fur farm and was destined to be slain for profit. In 2015, Yaroslav showed up and got him out of there. But he didn't go full vigilante, as in Russia, owning a fur farm is somewhat legal in some places.

Lars-Emil Lindblom