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Rochdale Fc, Canada, Native American Tools, Native American, Bones, Ammonite, Rock Hounding, Fossils, Vertebrates

This fossil was found on the moors above Rochdale about 40 years ago. Apparently, at the time it was removed there were many other fossils in the same site but as far as I am aware, this was the only item removed. We have looked on the internet and the only similar fossil we have found is a metatarsal belonging to a Hydrasaur but these dinosaurs were only found in Canada making our assumption wrong. We would appreciate any further ideas about this find. 📷 📷 📷

Angela Giuliani

Hi everyone and thanks in advance but i need some help identifying this fossil i found. I did take it to my local crystal and fossil shop and they were swayed towards it being a turtle shell of some sort, but im not certain. If anyone could identify this would be much appreciated. 📷 📷 📷 📷 📷 IT does appear to have a triangular shaped tail tucked in that is completely different texture to the rest of the fossil, possible scales Fossil shop indicated it looked as though it may have died by…

T Bacon