Forehead kisses art

Discover beautiful and meaningful artwork that captures the intimacy and love expressed through forehead kisses. Explore top ideas to bring this tender gesture into your home decor.
Thought's of Tasnim: Dimensions of love 💖 Love, Love Story

If I have to apply eye liner for you, Would you love me? If I have to run through different types of shades in my tresses, Then would you love me? What if I have to spry different types of fragrances? Just only for your attention, What if I have to wore the best dress? Just for only your satisfaction. Only you gonna watch me that's why I have to wore necklace and bracelet, What if somehow it flaunted my belly fat to you? What if my necklines and eyelines would you gonna neglect? Should I…

Baby Fashion by Anitta
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Who could have thought that simple Altoid tins could transform into various useful everyday objects and even masterpieces? In this case, Ohio-based artist Remington Robinson continues to create beautiful mini Plein air paintings. His tiny blank canvas turns into realistic paintings portraying natural and urban landscapes.

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