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A Fool-Proof Way to Make the Best Classic Shortbread | The best shortbread recipe...super easy & turns out perfect every time. How to make shortbread in a food processor or mixer. Delicious classic shortbread that can be plain or flavored, comes together quickly, perfect texture. A delicious sweet snack any time of day! #shortbread #foodprocessor #classicbaking Desserts, Texture, Mixers, Shortbread Recipe Easy, Shortbread Recipes, Custard Recipes, Shortbread, Great Desserts, Sweet Recipes Desserts

This is not only the best shortbread recipe, it's super easy and always turns out perfectly. A classic shortbread that can be either plain or flavored, it comes together quickly in either a food processor or stand mixer, and then has a low and slow bake to get the perfect texture. A delicious sweet snack any time of day!

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A sourdough boule is one of the trickiest things to make with our Summit Sourdough Starter. But, I am here to tell you that you CAN make beautiful breads with our 125 heirloom -- but you will need time, patience, love and process. Process, process, process -- without process there are no results. Depending on environment, your process may need small tweaks here and there, but for the most part, results with my process are fool proof. As I say to all my newbies, TRUST THE PROCESS and, Bake…

Tamara Bradley