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Learn how to craft compelling food stories that engage readers and leave them craving for more. Explore the secrets of successful food writing and start writing your own mouthwatering tales today.
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Have your students choose describing adjectives from the different boxes and write them under each type of food. These adjectives are merely meant as suggestions, and the best thing is if they can come up with suggestions of their own. Also have them write down the name of each type of food.This can either be used as an individual worksheet, or a basis for a group or class discussion. - ESL worksheets

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HYGGE season is officially here. If you haven't already become familiar, Hygge, pronounced Hoo-gah, is a term the Danish use to refer to living cozy. The Danish are some of the happiest people on the planet so I am of course always eager to adopt joyful, happy and blissful traditions. It's important

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The Art & Design Inspiration Fix pulls together a collection of my favourite graphical images that I’ve come across over the past week to give you a fix of creative inspiration. This week we have designs from Jay Roeder, Justin Van Genderen, Dan Matutina, James White and Lauren Hom. Lead and Ink by Jay Roeder […]

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Mother’s Day is a great time to treat mom by taking her out for dinner or for a little pampering. I have found over the years that I prefer to have my mom come to my home to celebrate Mother’s Day! This gives a great opportunity to treat her to some delicious food in a menu selected to feature her favorite flavors, and we have so much more time to relax and visit as a family than we would if we were out at a restaurant. I know…it seems intimidating to cook for guests, especially if your mom…

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