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Immerse yourself in the thrilling world of flat track racing. Explore top ideas, tips, and techniques to get started and experience the adrenaline rush of this exhilarating sport.
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Most guys can't think beyond a box of chocolates or a bunch of flowers as a gift for their significant other. But Uwe Kostrewa is a true romantic. He's just built this peachy Yamaha SR500 flat tracker for his girlfriend, Steffi—and it's not the first custom bike he's built for her either. Uwe works as Hombrese Bikes out of his workshop in Cologne, Germany, and regularly races and builds custom flat track motorcycles. He has a knack for creating machines that are low-key handsome, trading…

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As soon as a particular motorcycle becomes popular among customizers, it becomes harder and harder to find clean examples of it. The Yamaha SR500 has been a darling of the custom scene since forever, and has been customized in every way imaginable. You've got a better chance of finding one that's had heinous work done to it, than a minty stock one. This shimmering Yamaha SR500 flat tracker was a “half-rate bobber thing” when Chad Daly first got his hands on it. So his first job was to undo…

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A classic Triumph flat tracker from the race director of the Wheels & Waves festival, a Virago influenced by 90s Japanese import culture, and the latest oddity from Lazareth. Ducati Monster S4 by Barn Built Bikes Whether you leave them stock, sprinkle them with aftermarket parts or really got to town on them, old Ducati Monsters are cool. This 2002 Monster S4 used to fall into the second category; loaded up with bolt-ons, but without any serious fabrication work done. So the crew at Barn…

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This week's custom motorcycles come in all shapes and sizes—from a pint-sized flat tracker, to a stylish BMW R18. Plus we take a look at a tidy BSA bobber, and a Norton Atlas with a Harley-Davidson WLA motor. Jake Drummond's Mini Tracker Jake Drummond has some rather crazy skills, but for his latest project, he went small, cheap and cheerful. This mini flat tracker took him three months to build and cost just $1,800, but it's just as cool as any bike twice its size. Jake started with a 1968…