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Get ready for your next fishing adventure with the perfect fishing kit. Explore top-rated fishing gear and accessories to enhance your fishing experience and catch more fish.
100 Hour Plus Emergency Candle Zombies, Camping, Emergency Preparedness, Design, Survival Skills, Interior, Ideas, Food Storage, Emergency Preparation

All signs are pointing to the Earth being on the verge of a global catastrophe, and if you don’t prepare yourself you’re going to be on the side of people that don’t make it through. If you plan on having your family make it through somewhat unscathed you need to use this holiday season as […]

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The Paracord Project: 10 Survival Uses for an Altoid Tin Diy, Backpacking, Survival Gear, Paracord Projects, Survival Knife, Survival Fishing, Altoids Tins, Fishing Kit, Survival Supplies

There are just some things that are beg to be used and repurposed, and the altoid tin is one of those things. With its easy use pocket size and durable material, it makes sense that this is something that people would use for other things. With a myrid of things that these mint tins can be made in to, it's not surprising that there are a number of reuse options for the survivalist community. The best part is, that if you don't have an altoid tin already, you can go out and by some for cheap…

kawanbike: My Mini Fishing Kit Camping, Camping Hacks, Survival Tools, Survival Gear, Survival Kits, Fishing Kit, Survival Fishing, Fishing Diy, Bushcraft Kit

What makes a good fishing kit? For me, the best fishing kit is the one i have with me whenever i need it. A little kit for survival and those opportunist fishing moments... Close at hand. There are many times that we are either mountain biking, hiking or going on a bikepacking trip exploring the great outdoors, we happen to come across some nice spots that are perfect to fish from but regret that we did not bring any fishing gear with us. Well, those are a few instances when a little fishing…