Fighting tattoo

Express your bravery and strength with a bold fighting tattoo. Discover unique and powerful designs that will make a statement and inspire you to conquer any challenge.
Conor McGregor's chest tattoo of a Gorilla King eating a heart and tiger tattoo on the stomach. Piercing, Ufc, Conor Mcgregor Tattoo, Connor Mcgregor, Conor Mcgregor, Ufc Fighters Tattoo, Conner Mcgregor, Fight Club, Club Tattoo

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Pablo Puentes’ “double up” tattoos (as he labels them) became viral in 2016—see our past post here. Since then the Canadian artist continues to work on superimposed designs that are frequently requested by his clients. Female beauties and beasts are crawling and clawing away in recurring themes; he merges “people with animals, reverting humanity back...

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