Fermented eggs

Discover the benefits of fermented eggs and learn how to make them at home. Try these delicious and nutritious recipes for a tasty and healthy addition to your diet.
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Ingredients: Hard-boiled Eggs, peeled and at room temperature 5 Garlic Cloves (per dozen eggs) Fresh or Dried Dill Weed or Flowers Kosher Salt, iodine-free Filtered Water 1 T Liquid Whey, optional Directions: Choose a swing-top jar large enough to hold your eggs but do not fill higher than the shoulder of the jar. In the bottom of the jar place a little more than half of your garlic and dill. Fill jar with eggs adding in the rest of the garlic and dill as you go. Measure 1 t Kosher salt per…

Tom K
Hot cross buns and other Lenten thoughts. ~ Like Mother Like Daughter Pastries, Buns, Sweet, Sweet Roll Recipe, Cross Buns, Rolls Recipe, Bread, Lenten Recipes, Homemade

This picture is from last year. But they look the same every year. Getting my Hot Cross Buns going for tomorrow. First, put on a lovely vintage apron given by a sweet friend. Pockets are so very happy-making. Use any sweet roll recipe. You will be adding raisins and using honey for the… Read More »

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