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"From great range, a Steam Tank launches powerful shots of armour-piercing cannon fire with tremendous stopping power." —Description of Steam Tanks in Total War: Warhammer.[6] A Steam Tank is a monstrous, smoke-belching, steam-driven Imperial war machine that rumbles towards the enemy like a mobile fortress and fires deadly cannonballs from its steam-powered cannons to crush all those that stand against the Empire.[1a] Steam Tanks were first designed by the famed Tilean inventor Leonardo da…

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The Dwarven Troll Hunter MK 1 Light tank was first Implemented during the Second Sub Continental War. It filled the need to have mobile fire power on the wide Central Front for the Dwarven Federation. First Created By the Iron Hide Clan of the Shatter Shard Mountains it was quickly licensed out to the Unified legion serving as the main infantry support vehicle to the Dwarven army. Over the decades many variations of the design and additional modules have been developed over the years. Most…

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What if the Army had a massive shortage of fighting vehicles and had to adapt really, really old vehicles for modern day combat....... The donor vehicle is the French Renault FT light tank, which was originally lent to the American army towards the end of World War 1. I loved it's unique shape and distinct character.

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