Fall bible verses

Explore a collection of beautiful fall Bible verses that will inspire reflection and gratitude. Discover the power of these verses to uplift your spirit and deepen your connection with faith this season.
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I wanted to share a few of my favorite Bible Verses about thanksgiving and a challenge for you to reflect over the next 10 days leading up to Thanksgiving. It is my hope that this brings great encouragement leading up to both the Thanksgiving holiday and the upcoming Christmas season, as you focus y

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Are we actually practicing thanksgiving in our daily lives? Being grateful is a powerful antidote to a world filled with problems. The Bible is filled with verses about thanksgiving, but maybe none more pronounced than the Psalms of Thanksgiving. The Psalms are filled with outcries of distress but also cries of thanksgiving and gratitude to a God that hears. Let's dive into 10 powerful Psalms of gratitude and Psalms of thanksgiving that will refresh your heart and renew your mind.

Pam Dishong