Fabric sofa

Upgrade your living room with a stylish fabric sofa that adds comfort and elegance to your space. Explore top ideas to find the perfect fabric sofa that suits your style and needs.
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A new take on the classic modular sofa, Wonder builds on the virtues of 70s lounge furniture - informal, generous, playful, bringing it into the present with an elegantly minimal and sleek frame. The Wonder Sofa celebrates comfort and ease with its softly folded cushion over the backrest - relaxed and neat at the same time. With a choice of textiles and seam detailing to the backrest cushion, Wonder can be customized to fit both formal and more playful spaces and settings. Features Wonder…

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Created in three different sizes, the Define Sofa is made up of multiple modules that are effortlessly connected. Being simply rectangular in its form, the Define Sofa comes with both back elements and loose cushions tha t can be added wherever you prefer for a personal touch of sculpted comfort. #wendelbo #define #modularsofa