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I've been having too much fun making this colorful little neighborhood the past couple of days. So much fun in fact, that I put together a little How-To so that we could all play. ☺ They're really easy. You'll need: -cardboard -Tacky glue -hot glue -fabric -Xacto knife Using this simple template. . . . . .I cut my house pieces out of a recycled box. Then, using a thin layer of glue, I stuck the pieces to fabric. I used one color for the front/back/sides, a contrasting color for the roof, and…

Brenda Booker
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I had decided a while back that I was going to make my Niece a dolls house type suitcase thing. I just wasn't sure how to attempt it or whether to make a doll or buy one. Then I came across Cloud Tree Crafts on Instagram and the decision became a lot easier. Karen creates the most beautiful handmade CE tested toys including a very cute bunny rabbit that I thought would be perfect. I also saw she did a wolf and pig and since my little man is obsessed with the three little pigs

Nancy Wilson