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Enteric nervous system

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Autonomic Nervous System: Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Response, Function, and Definition  — EZmed

EZmed explains the autonomic nervous system divisions including the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system branches. Includes definitions, fight or flight response, rest and digest response, function, activation, neurotransmitters, nicotinic, adrenergic, cholinergic receptors, and physiologi


The nervous system integrates and monitors the countless actions occurring simultaneously throughout the entire human body; therefore, every task a person accom

Nervous belly? That’s your enteric nervous system talking… If you’ve ever heard of the “gut-brain axis” then you know a little bit about this complex system. The enteric nervous system (ENS) is located within the gut and acts like a mini brain, independently of the central nervous system. However the two systems are able to communicate effectively - hence why when you’re feeling nervous, you might feel butterflies or go to the bathroom more often.

Our Second Brain http://www.sachastewart.net/blog/2015/4/13/our-second-brain

Have you heard the term our stomach is our 'second brain'? And I am sure all of us know about 'gut instinct'! However do you realize that our stomach, or gut, is literally connected to our brains via the Enteric Nervous System (ENS)? The E

this is a diagram of the sympathetic nervous system.

Chronic stress alters gene activity in immune cells before they reach the bloodstream. The change leads to an overabundance of inflammation, which is linked to many negative health effects, a new study reports.

Frontiers | Regulation of the Autonomic Nervous System on Intestine

Intestine is composed of various types of cells including absorptive epithelial cells, goblet cells, endocrine cells, Paneth cells, immunological cells, and so on, which play digestion, absorption, neuroendocrine, immunological function. Intestine is innervated with extrinsic autonomic nerves and intrinsic enteric nerves. The neurotransmitters and counterpart receptors are widely distributed in the different intestinal cells. Intestinal autonomic nerve system includes sympathetic and…

Pilates and Breathing -- When in Doubt, EXHALE! | Pilates Studio & Classes NYC | Pilates on Fifth in Midtown New York City

A common question we get is, "Am I breathing right?" The answer is always "YES!" While of course there is a rhyme and reason to the coordination of inhales and exhales with each Pilates exercise, breathing in general is a VERY good thing. One of the worst things that clients can do when they first try Pilates is hold the breath because they are fearful of getting the "breath