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Explore the enchanting world of English roses. Find inspiration and tips to grow these stunning flowers in your garden and add a touch of charm and elegance to your outdoor space.
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One thing I love is the intoxicating scent of a garden rose - especially an English rose. Gardeners everywhere know rose hybridizer, David Austin, for his stunning English roses, which combine the forms and fragrances of old roses with the color range and repeat blooms of modern specimens. This year, my head gardener, Ryan McCallister,

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A slight departure from the traditional top 10 but I couldn't stand to leave out any of these roses from the list. I saw them all at the David Austen Roses Plant Centre which is in full bloom at the moment and well worth a visit. 1. Graham Thomas CLG 'Ausmas' (English Musk Hybrid) David Austin page This was planted against a wall and has a lovely variety of colours in the flowers, from pale cream to vibrant sunny yellow. 2. Ferdinand Pichard (Old Rose) David Austin page This was one of only…

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English roses are perhaps the perfect compliment to any garden, but to a garden with cottage style most of all. By many gardeners’ accounts the “perfect” rose, these roses were bred by Englishman David Austin (they are also called David Austin Roses) to combine the positive re-blooming attribute of the modern tea rose with the vigor, form and intense fragrance of the old world roses.... Read More

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This pure garden rose comes from our cold greenhouse, where the conditions are kept ideal for rose growth but also are the most similar to that of a typical outdoor grown English rose. Victorian Wedding is a sister to our other Victorian classic roses . Victorian Wedding has a large bloom with a full centre […]

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