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Take your vehicle to the next level with these exciting engine swap ideas. Upgrade your ride's performance and unleash its full potential with a new and powerful engine.
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Canepa released a video of a Porsche 917/10 flat-twelve running they recently rebuilt. The air-cooled 5.0 L engine was assembled by Christian Enstam and features mechanical fuel injection, four oil scavenge pumps, and two turbochargers. The engine weighs 600 lb fully dressed and rebuilt every 40 hours of operation. Generally 10 hours of testing and...

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Mårten Stångberg and his team at Team Lovetap in Sweden spent the off-season rebuilding the engine, transmission, and trunk area in their 2003 Mercedes CLK. For those unfamiliar with the project, it's powered by a turbocharged 3.2 L M104 inline-six producing 800 horsepower and 930 Nm (685 lb-ft) of torque and Tex Racing T101a four-speed...

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Mike Heim from Quality Custom Rides in Lancaster, Pennsylvania made a big splash when he debuted his custom 1967 Camaro at SEMA 2016. In our previous article the 1967 Camaro needed a lot of work. They must have been working overtime because the car looks amazing. Between the front wheels sits a custom 519 ci...