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Discover unique and creative ideas to repurpose energy drink cans. Turn them into useful and stylish items for your home or DIY projects.
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Energy drinks have the reputation of being full of artificial ingredients and created in a lab. TRUE Energy Drinks are different, though, including all natural ingredients and flavors. Carl Nas Associates developed the packaging for TRUE, promoting four delicious flavors that are boosted with caffeine and amino acids. “TRUE energy drinks was released this spring […]

Nicole LaFave / Design Womb
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Design: George | InspireooLocation: BulgariaProject Type: ConceptPackaging Contents: Energy DrinkPackaging Substrate / Materials: Aluminium Can ThunDrake is a low calorie, sugar-free, energy drink. The brand currently has 3 different flavors - Ice Blast, Fire Blast, and Black Fire. Each flavor has a different amount of caffeine. The company is targeting mostly athletics, helping them perform…


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