Embalming process

Learn about the embalming process and how it is performed by funeral directors. Discover the techniques and methods used to preserve and prepare the deceased for a dignified farewell.
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If you're picturing someone in scrubs lifting viscera out of a corpse and placing it on a scale, you're thinking of a pathologist performing an autopsy, not an embalming. That said, embalmers do use the instrument pictured above — a trocar — to "suck the soft internal tissue of the abdomen and heart area," Cunningham says, in order to clear out decomposing tissue.

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When I was a little girl, I received The Song of Bernadette as a Christmas gift. The story of Bernadette and the apparitions at Lourdes captivated me, and I immediately decided that Bernadette would be my Confirmation saint years down the road. I recently re-read (and who knows how many times I’ve read it already) […]