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You are the daughter of an Elvish king and Queen. You also have some magic as your family are close friends with Gandalf the grey and your mother is the daughter of a wizard. When your kingdom is invaded your father sends you to Mirkwood to get help. There you meet Thranduil and his son Legolas. Thranduil sends you back with a small army and Legolas. You two quickly become friends as your feelings grow you try to hide them as you are worried he doesn't feel the same way. When the fighting…

Svitlana Zaits
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Wonderful celtic elven inspired headpiece with amethyst gemstones. Made to be worn over the forehead or on the hairline. The circlet is silver plated with a pear drop amethyst centre stone and small round stones around the sides. Because the entire circlet is handmade it is both sturdy and also flexible and therefore very comfortable to wear however because of it's flexibility it will need to be tied or pinned into place. The design element of the circlet measures approx 21.5cms (8 and a…