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Immerse yourself in the captivating stories of Elizabeth Goudge, a renowned author known for her enchanting tales. Explore her works and be transported to a world of wonder and imagination.
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Titles: The Scent of Water, The Rosemary Tree, Gentian Hill, The Dean’s Watch (this is one of a trilogy), Green Dolphin Street, Island Magic, The Bird in the Tree (this is one of a trilogy) Author: Elizabeth Goudge File Under: Novels, Healing fiction Age Group: Young adult on up The comments in my {bits & pieces} post of Saturday reminded me to tell you… Read More »

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journey-and-destination: Green Dolphin Country by Elizabeth Goudge (1944) Elizabeth Goudge, Green Dolphin, Home Education, Feeling Loved, Her. Book, Historical Fiction, What Is Love, Dolphins, Book Worth Reading

Earlier this year I was introduced to Elizabeth Goudge through her book The Rosemary Tree and after reading that I knew that I’d read more by her. I ordered Green Dolphin Country because a good friend recommended it but I was surprised when it arrived that it contained 743 pages. I don’t usually commit to a book of that length unless it’s a Russian classic or a Norwegian saga because I don’t think there are many authors who have the skill to weave a story over that many pages without losing…

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