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Unleash your child's creativity with these inspiring elementary poetry ideas. Discover fun and educational activities to help them explore the world of poetry.
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I admit, I have never been one to go all out for National Poetry Month in April. I enjoy reading poems with my class and poetry books definitely get their rotation in my monthly book display, but poetry projects or multi-day lessons never seem to fit in. First of all, April is peak testing season

Adrienne Wiggins
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Teaching poetry is so much fun and so easy to do when you have the necessary tools! I remember my first year teaching fourth grade, our writing curriculum had nothing for teaching poetry. Luckily, I have always loved to write, especially poems, so I developed my own Poetry Unit. It was incredible to see even […]

Carly King
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I like to spend a couple weeks each year teaching my students about poetry. We do a number of fun activities in addition to reading and writing different poems. We have a poetry battle, rank poetry, make a poetry journal, and much more! Here is a look into my poetry unit.... To kick off my poetry unit I have my students each complete this KWL Chart about Poetry. We then discuss what poetry is, what a poet's purpose is, what poems can have, etc. I use and display these posters during my unit…

Teaching with Terhune
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Analyzing poetry is a skill all our students need to develop. While students are required to investigate poems often, poetry analysis is still something that many students struggle with. That's why I'm a big fan of practice! I love to give students lots of opportunities to closely read and analyze poetry. (And I've put together a FREE one-pager that students can use with any poem!) POETRY ANALYSIS TIPS When putting together a poetry analysis lesson, here are some tips I follow: ✔ TIP 1…

Stephanie Navariz