Explore the captivating history of Edsel, a classic American automobile that left a lasting impact on the automotive industry. Discover the design, features, and legacy of this iconic car.
1959 Edsel Corsair Skycruiser Retractable Hardtop Muscle Cars, Trucks, Chevy Trucks, Ford Motor Company, Ford Trucks, Classic Motors, Ford, Carros, Motos

A unique vision of what could have been, this car was built as a 1959 Edsel version of Ford’s famous Skyliner retractable hardtop. Based upon a Fairlane 500 Galaxie’s structure, it was extensively rebuilt to a highly professional, factory-correct standard, with the rear of the body reshaped to accommodate Edsel taillights, tailfins, “continental kit,” and trim hardware, and the interior finished in correct 1959 Edsel trim and hardware, including the full Edsel dashboard and factory air…

Tim Fork