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Indulge in some funny eating moments with these hilarious food ideas. Discover amusing and entertaining ways to enjoy your meals and make your dining experience more enjoyable.
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If you've tried to text your girflriend a sandwich emoji followed by a question mark—only to find that there isn't one—Kelsey Rexroat feels your pain. In an article for The Atlantic, Rexroat wrote about eating only foods that have emoji equivalents for an entire week—and as part of the challenge, she also had to consume every food that exists in emoji form by the end of the seven days.

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Chris Madrid’s – San Antonio, Texas This is another burger joint that runs on tradition, and artfully so. This family-owned restaurant was founded by Chris Madrid, then a fresh college graduate, in 1977, and is now run by his family after his passing in 2012. Chris Madrid’s – San Antonio, Texas You have a lot …