Easy petit four icing

Elevate your petit fours with these delicious and easy icing recipes. Learn how to create beautiful and delectable treats that will impress your guests.
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5 Different Ways to Cover a Petit Four (Plus The Recipe to My Personal Favorite)

Not All Glazes are Created Equal I've worked for a number of bakeries, and I've owned my own, and throughout my career I've used 5 different methods of coating those lovely cake petits fours! Would you like to know more? Should I go into the good, the bad, and the downright ugly? 1. Rolled Fondant Covered Petits Fours Let me just say right now, this is NOT my petit four. No, I was not this fortunate. Goodness! I did this once on square petits fours that kept shifting and squirming. It was…

Rachel Fautz
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Quick and Easy No Bake Pound Cake Petit Fours - Oh My! Sugar High

When I was a kid, I remember my mom use to bring home these little boxes of mini cakes around Christmas time.They were cute, bite size and had little delicious layers. It wasn’t until I was older than I learned these were called Petit Fours which is French for “little oven” and translates to a […]

Thara Lingefelt