Earthy bathroom

Transform your bathroom into a tranquil oasis with these earthy design ideas. Discover how to incorporate natural elements and soothing colors to create a peaceful and inviting space.
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Discover the essence of modern organic bathroom design with our expert tips. Create serene spaces infused with natural elements. Explore neutral bathroom ideas that harmonize simplicity with elegance. Elevate your bathroom styling with earthy tones and sustainable materials for a refreshing, natural bathroom retreat.

Green Snooze
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Add a touch of luxury to your space with the Makoto Collection - a series of decorative glazed ceramic and porcelain tile. Choose from a variety of types and shapes like 2.5in.x10in. wall tile, 10in.x11.5in. hexagon tile, 0.5in.x8in. miter edge trim, or 2in. round mosaic. Each shape offers a matte finish and is available in Shoji White, Tatami Beige, Kumo Grey, Umi Terracotta, Momoiro Blush, Midori Green, Arashi Blue, and Kuroi Black. The Makoto Collection is made in Spain and Italy.

Danielle Sheedy
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With a rustic green vanity table and an intricately-patterned rug, this bathroom looks stunning. Apart from looking great, the golden-rimmed mirror and lighter-toned walls help make the space appear larger - adding functionality. Potted plants and ceramic vases add character to this space.

Gabby Torres
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The Cloé Collection is glazed ceramic wall tile characterized by its brilliant colors, smooth gloss finish and interesting variations in hues and tones. Its eight colors: White, Creme, Baby Blue, Grey, Pink, Green, Blue and Black, can be used in a wide range of combinations. Cloé's two sizes, 5x5and 2.5x 8, allow for modern and classic looks. For a pop of pattern, we've included a 5x5 black and white Loire deco. Trim out your projects with the ½x8 Jolly Miter Edge Trim in a gloss finish.

Devin Settle
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I’m most excited about this week’s bathroom project! When we started planning this room I dreamed of having dreamy textured beige walls. I loved the movement, subtle texture and earthy feel it gave spaces. Roman clay is a type of plaster that was used by the ancient Romans. It’s a […]

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