Earth from moon

Witness the awe-inspiring beauty of Earth from the perspective of the Moon. Explore stunning photographs and fascinating facts that will leave you in awe of our home planet.
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The Moon begins to move away from the Earth at a rate of 3.78cm (1.48 inches) each year and without the Moon, length of the day will be between 6 and 12 hours. #moon #earth #space #earthwithoutmoon #nasa #spaceX #astronomy #knovhov . Earth / Earth without moon / Moon / Moon Moving Away from Earth

WoW That's Amaaaaazing!
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This month marks 50 years since Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin took a giant leap for mankind after landing on the moon on July 20, 1969. Millions of families huddled around black-and-white TVs, watching the Saturn V rocket launch and staring wide-eyed as Armstrong took his one small step onto the surface of the moon. Fifty years later, our children are several generations removed from those who watched the lunar landing in real time, so commemorating the event is not only about fun – it’s…