Drying roses

Learn how to dry roses and keep their beauty intact. Explore unique techniques to preserve your favorite roses and create stunning dried flower arrangements.
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There's nothing lovelier than fresh cut flowers gracing your table or brightening a place in your home. But even after the blossoms begin to fade, continue to enjoy their beauty by drying them. This how to dry roses technique couldn't be easier. Use for crafts projects, embellishing gift packages and food gifts.

Cynthia Cox
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Many years ago now, I spent a good part of a year working for a florist. Valentine's Day was one of the craziest, most stressful days of the year. Smart, organized guys ordered their roses in advance and had them delivered to their wife or girlfriend's place of business causing a flurry of excitement and a good measure of envy. Who got the roses? Oh, isn't she lucky! The procrastinators paid for their folly by waiting in long lineups on the big day with the other anxious men, who felt they…

Debbie Brennan