Dry creek bed

Transform your garden with a stunning dry creek bed that adds a natural and artistic touch. Find inspiring ideas to design your own unique dry creek bed.
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in landscape ideas, drainage is needed. Excess water in a landscape if it cannot be disposed of properly will damage the landscape itself. So, among several drainage ideas for landscapes, you can apply a dry creek bed.

Beth Damiano
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I really wanted to put a dry river bed here - eventually to go up the edge of the lawn as a border - but definitely down in front of the lower garden. I read several blogs about how to do this project (most claiming to do one in a weekend!), but I knew I would have to end up doing it my way…the way I always do it…on the fly!

sandra achury
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Pre-computers, pre-video games and with only 5 or 6 TV stations to choose from and NO central air.......summer as a child was all outdoors. From early morning until the fireflies stopped, our imaginations were on all cylinders with nature taking the leading role. Not so these days. When my nephews were small and came to vacation at our home, I was thrilled at the adventures we could provide; a massive tree with branches to the ground (instant fort), a winding creek, pool with diving board…

Nicola Bridgwater