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Explore the latest trends in drone design and discover innovative ideas to take your aerial photography to new heights. Upgrade your drone with cutting-edge features and enhance your photography skills for breathtaking shots.
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Samsung makes everything under the sun... but the company hasn't made a single drone yet (although they filed for a patent in 2021). This concept from South Korean designers Minkyo Im and Seongjin Kim, however, corrects the record. Dubbed the Public Safety Drone, this concept isn't your average FPV drone or consumer-grade quadcopter. It is,

Ji Mun
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I am an Industrial Designer with 7+ years of experience. I’m an easy guy to work with and I absolutely love what I do. This has allowed me to work on different kinds of products across different industries such as medical equipment, consumer goods, home appliances, packaging, furniture, just to mention a few. My work has been featured on renowned design blogs, websites and magazines such us Fast Company, Designboom, Yanko Design, Architectural Digest Russia, among others. I will work…

Nermin Beyza Kelleci