Dream painting

Immerse yourself in the world of dream paintings and let your imagination run wild. Discover stunning artworks that will transport you to a realm of wonder and inspiration.
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Artist Jeremy Miranda (previously) paints in a space between worlds: reality and memory, indoor and outdoor, past and present. Ideas and concepts bleed together within his acrylic paintings like the fuzzy edges of a dream, where powerful images exist amongst unexpected locations and backdrops. The New Hampshire-based artist is heavily influenced by his surroundings in the American Northeast, apparent in his depiction of dense woods, crashing waves, and the recurring motif of lush…

z y
I Create Colorful Abstract Images That Look Like Celestial Dreams Inspiration, Contemporary Art, Abstract Landscape, Abstract Art, Purple Art Abstract, Abstract Expressionism Art, Purple Art, Art Wallpaper, Abstract Images

I started with abstract art around six months ago, and I'm completely addicted. This way of creating is totally freeing, and allows me to express my emotions in a completely unconfined way. It really lets my creativity loose. Through different digital techniques I create images that focus on colors and emotions, and they are pretty much open for others to interpret whatever way they want. They might feel joy or sorrow, see outer space or the sunrise. Each to their own.

Liz O