Dragonfly larvae

Learn about the intriguing world of dragonfly larvae and their unique characteristics. Discover how these fascinating creatures undergo metamorphosis and transform into beautiful dragonflies.
(Re)Birthday (dragonfly crawling out of the larva skin); photo by Roeselien Raimond Nature, Dragons, Insects, Bugs And Insects, Dragonfly Larvae, Stag Beetle, Dragonflies, Dragonfly, Larvae

Watching (and photographing!) an emerging (molting?) dragonfly was high on my wish list. So, some days ago I got up at an inhumane time with a mission to find one. I walked for ours, checked a thousand water plants... And all I found was some empty shells. So... I went home tired, soaked and disappointed. The other day I decided to just relax and enjoy the beautiful weather, eating my lunch at the water side. And just when I wanted to take my first bite, this larva started crawling out just…

Janet Evans