Draft stopper

Discover the best draft stopper ideas to keep your home warm and cozy. Say goodbye to chilly drafts and save on energy bills with these practical solutions.
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How to Make a Door Draft Stopper

Winter weather can be extremely chilly. If you have ever lived in a house where the winter winds and cold seep into your space through under the door, you know how frustrating it can be to keep your space warm and toasty. That is why we asked Remona Gopaul from the Stitching Scientist to show us how to make a door draft stopper. These simple sewing projects are a fantastic way to keep the cold out and the heat in. Bulky, long, and pressed right against the door crack, these ingenious door…

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DIY Draft Stopper for windows and doors

This DIY draft stopper is easy to make at home. It is very useful in keeping cold air from entering through windows and doors. This economical DIY is cheaper and easier to make at home, and it will save us a few dollars while keeping the cold air out. For our draft stopper we inserted stones. Inserting small stones gives the draft stopper some weight. Some choose to insert grain and rice into the draft stopper, but these could spoil and get moldy when it comes in contact with water and would…

Ronda Woodward
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Tutorial: Draft Stopper + Noise Muffler=Sleep Sweeter

I love this thing. It helps me keep my sanity. Having two young children has taught me something: two babies awake at 2 am and howling for the attention of just one person is really not fun. The scenario is that the infant cries for milk and the toddler hears him and awakens...screaming. I decided to make a little something to keep this scenario from repeating itself every three hours until the end of time... (read that again but with a slightly frantic tone of voice). Don't get me wrong…

Pamela Melvin