Doll hair repair

Learn how to repair doll hair with these helpful tips and tricks. Restore your favorite dolls to their former glory and bring them back to life.
Get rid of CRAZY doll hair. Ok, so I tried a pin from claiming to get rid of crazy doll hair. Approved. How To Dye Doll Hair, How To Fix Doll Hair Tangled, How To Style Doll Hair, How To Untangle Doll Hair, American Girl Doll Hair Care, Doll Hair Detangler, Doll Hair Repair, Fix Doll Hair, Doll Restoration

Doll Makeover. Because even a doll sometimes needs a makeover.

Apart of the "PINTEREST TRIED AND APPROVED" series. I myself could use a hair "makeover." I last had my hair cut and colored in JULY. Yes, July, roughly 2 seasons ago. Thankfully I will be getting my hair makeover this Saturday. Don't sit on the edge of your seats, but maybe I'll take a picture... On to more or less important matters, like doll makeovers. Now I found this hot mess via pinterest Here: The claim was that Rapunzel, who looks like she enjoyed getting out of that tower a little…

A Fuller Day
Simply Clean Living: Doll Hair Detangler - Updated with recipe! Doll Hair Detangler, Doll Hair Repair, Fix Doll Hair, Baby Doll Hair, Diy Doll Hair, American Girl Hairstyles, Kids Wigs, American Girl Doll Hairstyles, American Girl Patterns

Doll Hair Detangler - Updated with recipe!

Thank goodness for Pinterest. About a month ago I pinned a picture of a homemade doll hair detangler. I was hoping it worked, since my daughter's Target brand "American Girl" doll had some seriously tangled hair, and it was making her seriously sad! I am happy to announce that it worked! Because the blog where I originally pinned the recipe from is now removed, I will repost it here. Basically you will need a spray bottle, liquid fabric softener, water, and a wire brush or wide tooth comb…

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