Dog shaking

Discover the reasons why your dog may be shaking and learn how to provide comfort and support. Find helpful tips and advice to ensure your furry friend is happy and healthy.
Shake: Hilarious High-Speed Photographs of Dogs Shaking by Carli Davidson | Colossal Dog Cat, Cocker Spaniel, Animal Kingdom, Dogs, Funny Dogs, Friends, Oregon, Dog Shaking, Dog Photograph

Shake is a new book of photos from Portland-based photographer Carli Davidson who used a high speed camera to capture hilarious freeze-frame shots of various dogs mid-shake. The amusing portraits seem to transform ordinary pets into strangely distorted animals right out of a cartoon. Known for her candid and heartfelt portraits of pets and wildlife, Davidson first began photographing animals while working with the animal care team at the Oregon Zoo. Shake was partially inspired by her own…