DIY yarn holder

Discover creative and practical DIY yarn holder ideas to keep your knitting and crochet projects organized. Upgrade your crafting space with these easy and stylish solutions.
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DIY Yarn Winder | Cardboard Knitting Gadget!: I've seen a few different yarn winders available to buy - some purely mechanical and some battery-powered - ranging from about £10 to £100 or more. I liked the idea of being able to turn my yarn into centre-pull balls of yarn that wouldn't roll all …

Briana French
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Hey there fellow crafters! I come bearing a small tutorial for you, it's my first one, hopefully the first of many. First a little background on this tutorial: My grandmother was a very creative and crafty individual. She taught me and my mom a lot of what we do today. Well, back when my mom was a kid, my grandmother and her cousin came up with this idea on how to hold your yarn so it wouldn't get tangled while you were crocheting or doing some other kind of yarn work. She was a crocheting…

Onesmus Muange