Diy wedding cake stand

Elevate your wedding cake with a unique DIY cake stand. Discover creative and budget-friendly ideas to showcase your beautiful cake and impress your guests.
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1. 1: Start with two circles of MDF (these are 17inch & 18.5inch round), (thanks to my DH! - he works so well to my design!) (think that the bottom circle might have been 19" diameter) 2. 2: Spacers screwed into place by DH!, 3. 3: Cover the gaps between the two circles in white card, (this prevents light from shining through the finished cake stand and gives a more robust finish) 4. 4: There - all covered - doesn't matter that its not very tidy!, 5. 5: Prepare pleats!, 6. 6: Pull pleats…

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Discover the best DIY cake stand ideas that combine elegance and creativity. Elevate your cake presentation for any occasion with these unique and budget-friendly projects. From rustic-inspired designs to incorporating domes, these tutorials will guide you step-by-step to create stunning and eye-catching cake stands that will impress your guests.

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Get the tall, tiered cake look - without all the cakes! This tiered cake stand will elevate your single cake, without dealing with layers of cakes to stack and eat. Build a rustic wood cake stand with 1x3 furring strips. This is a free project plan with detailed diagrams and photos to build your own cake stand. This cake stand can be either built as a 10", 12",or build both and stack for a grand cake display. You'll just need inexpensive 1x3 furring strips, some brad nails and glue, and your…

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