Diy tie

Discover how to make your own stylish ties with these easy and creative DIY ideas. Upgrade your wardrobe and create unique accessories with these step-by-step tutorials.
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My husband recently bought some new business shirts but was unable to find a tie that matched their colours. I spent a long time searching the Internet for clear instructions and information on the proper construction of men's ties but was able to find very little (there is plenty of info on how to make a simple version of a tie, but not much on the couture techniques). In desperation, I finally unpicked an unwanted tie to discover the secret of its lovely corners and wonderful shape holding…

Katherine Naulty
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In recent years musicians and actors have made bow ties wildly popular, and for James Bond they have never gone out of fashion. Think of Daniel Craig in Casino Royale with that untied bow tie. Yes, that’s the one I'm going to show you in this how to make a bow tie tutorial. Forget clip-on bowties – a real gentleman ties a bow tie. Your problems in finding a bowtie to coordinate a partner’s outfit with your dress will be over once you learn to how to sew a proper bow tie within a few minutes…

Kristina Akiki