Diy mask

Take your skincare routine to the next level with these DIY mask ideas. Learn how to make your own masks at home and achieve a healthy and glowing skin naturally.
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I have hard time walking away from a challenge, so I couldn’t refuse the chance to take part in The Scribble Shop Challenge! Along with many other creative bloggers, I was sent a package from The Scribble Shop–an on-line craft store–full of random craft supplies with a challenge to use all of the supplies in […]

Becky Harpenau
DIY Hei (darker than black mask) by Maximum28 Cosplay, Halloween, Cool Masks, Mask Making, Mask, Mask Design, Masks Art, Diy Mask, The Mask

Description Hei (darker than black) mask 1. Draw the half pattern, make sure it fit on your face. 2. Apply on foam, cut some parts to make it curved. 3. Copy 4. Assemble 5. Copy, but make it bigger than the original 6. Cover the original with the bigger pattern. 7. Cut the longer parts, make the same size. 8. Heat foam using heat gun or matches, make it curved. 9. Draw the detail. 10. Cut the detail. 11. Cover mask with waterproof paint. 12. The mask need make up.

Chris Gunter